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Car Compass is a professional automotive consulting and buying service operating in Toronto and serving all of Ontario. As your auto broker, Car Compass works on your behalf and in your best interests to save you time, money and prevent uncertainty when looking to buy or lease a vehicle. Our role is to empower you by providing an informative and consultative approach. We provide thorough and unbiased advice and guidance from start to finish enabling you to make confident and well-informed decisions. A vehicle is a significant purchase, so it’s important to be sure it’s the right one at the right price.

Our mission: to make finding and buying your ideal vehicle as easy, transparent and cost-effective as possible.

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Car Compass is registered with the

Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council and is certified in Automotive Law and Ethics per the Canadian Automotive Institute.

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Purchasing a vehicle is a big deal. Were here to ensure the process isnt a process at all - but rather an enjoyable, easy and transparent experience

that helps you identify and attain a great value. No salesmanship. No pressure. Just sound advice and freedom of choice.

Helping you find the ideal car at a great price.

Steering you in the right direction.
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